Foundation for the Development of Technical,
Industrial and Entreprenurial Employment
1575 South State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(801) 957-3112

School Of Applied Technoloogies
Registration Process

  1. On-line registration assistance is available at the South City Campus, 1575 South State Street.

  2. Social Security Number is not required to register with the School of Applied Technology College.

  3. Do not identify yourself as an international student unless you have a F-1 student visa.

  4. Students will be tested (TABE) to determine the level of English and Math proficiency.

  5. TABE practice questions can be accessed Clicking Here and at

  6. Students who pass the test can directly enroll in the technical program.

  7. Students will meet with Héctor E. Cando, SAT Academic Advisor to complete with the enrollment process.

  8. Students who didn’t pass the TABE test should contact Program Coordinator for assistance.

FUNDET Schoolarship
Application Process

  1. Students will contact their mentor to give an update of the enrollment process.

  2. Students will seek or work with the council mentor to identify where to perform the community hours.

  3. The FUNDET Scholarship Determination Commitee will meet with the student to determine the award.

  4. The 2nd interview will be conducted by the FUNDET Budget Manager.

  5. Students must meet scholarship criteria of progress, and community hours.

  6. Once awarded, students will meet with the council mentor monthly for performance review.

  7. Students will request from their instructor a monthly progress report with comments on class performance.

  8. Students will write an essay of the monthly value and how it applies in their daily activities.

  9. Students will give an opinion of what they like about the program and make program recommendations.

  10. The scholarship program will not pay for repeated courses.

  11. Students who drop out due to negligence, FUNDET will reverse previous charges to the student.

Important Program Items to Remember

  1. Some health care related programs require immunizations, criminal back ground check, and a drug test; these services are paid by the student.

  2. Immunizations are provided by the college Center for Wellness and Counseling program at a lower cost.

  3. The professional truck driving program requires a Utah criminal background check and a drug test; students must have a valid social security number or other official documentation to obtain these records.

  4. Because the Certified Nursing Assisting (CNA) and Professional Truck Driving programs are 2 months training, payment needs to be made in full at registration. The students will pay 50% of the program tuition and fees, the scholarship program will pay the remaining balance.

FUNDET has no financial affiliation with Salt Lake Community College School of Applied Technology administration, faculty or staff.
Therefore, questions, comments, and/or recommendations regarding the scholarship policies and procedures should be directed to the FUNDET Student Council or Budget Manager.